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President Nitta was broadcasted on TV (BS11)

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Shin-ei Real Estate Business Co., Ltd. is a debt-free good standing company, specialized in deals with foreign companies.
We have been rated more than 60 points and ranked 43rd out of 4800 companies by a credit research company.
We focus on being international, having an international department and hiring more than 30 employees from 10 countries.
Shin-ei's specialties:

A. Many employees - men and women - older than 65 years are actively at work.

B. Pay raise is expected based on a degree of contribution to the company, including senior employees older than 60 years.


     Takanori Nitta


Message from the President

Shin-ei Real Estate Business Co. Ltd., was established from its parent company, Shin-ei Maintenance Co. Ltd., an affiliate of the former Chiyoda Life Insurance Corporation, and we developed our business centering on total management of buildings and facilities on a nationwide scale. 

Since then, we have expanded our business as a fully integrated real estate management company into the areas of property management, leasing management and real estate brokerage services, thanks to support from our many clients.

We manage various buildings, including office buildings, commercial buildings, condominiums, hotels, hospitals and warehouses.

Presently, we are providing our clients with six main core services: (1) property management, (2) leasing management, (3)  building maintenance, (4) security and reception service, (5) real estate brokerage and (6) construction and consulting.

Our aim is to make the best possible use of our clients' various properties, using our own total power of know-how. As our foreign-affiliated client base has grown, we have established an International Department.  In addition, to meet the needs of clients expanding globally, we are developing links with overseas business partners.