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       Shin-ei is in
NEED of YOUR talent and skill.
 (We work up to 75!
     We welcome female workers and those over 60!
   Contact HR via phone (03-5287-1007) or e-mail (info@s-mt.co.jp) for any inquiries.

Chairman Nitta appeared on TV (BS11)
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Shin-ei Real Estate Business Co. Ltd. runs the total property management with around 550 employees and nation-wide 6 branches. We are the debt-free company growing steadily, as we have been rated 60 points over by a credit research firm and we've ranked 39th among 5,725 companies in the same category.

The elderly staff are taking the leading roles, and the female staff are core members of them. We are proud of having the best work environment for the elderly who may be interested in our company.
We hold the International Department focusing on foreign companies. More than 30 foreign employees from over 15 countries are working together.

Charastaristics of Shin-ei Real Estate Business:

A. The employees, men and women,even over 65 years old, are working actively. Especially, women who have finished child-care would be perfect to join us.


B. Even senior employees over 60 years old can expect the pay raise and promotion depending on the contribution to the company. Knowledge of facility, construction and real-estate business cumulated thru your career can be used for the jobs.
Furthermore, employees over 60 years old may receive almost
the same wage until the pensionable age (currently 65 years old). We are the company suitable as the workplace for the last 10 years of working life. The elderly with skills and experience are awaited.
Click here to see Draft Salary Structure 



C. The employees can remain employed until 75 years old subject to good health, capability, and contribution. We have several kinds of work arrangements to harmonize with physical conditions of the employees. The employees with disabilities are also applicable.


D. Our flexible working environment allows the employees to drop in during commuting, to step out or to leave early during working in case that their family need medical or nursing treatment. Moreover, our welfare policy also allows the employees to go to hospitals, public offices, or banks for themselves for a few hours.

E. A lot of engineers are playing the active roles after they left from major manufacturers, such as Toshiba, NEC, SONY, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. Company-rent house can be provided, if qualified.

F.Bilinguals of Japanese and English are welcome, (especially engineers of construction or facilities highly welcome), because we're dealing with foreign-owned companies.

G. Taking a paid holiday a month is recommended for employees, and the employees who have completed the day's assignment can go back home after 16:00 so that they can enjoy the private time. Half-day-off is also possible.

H. The incentive system is implemented so that the emplyees can get 3~5% of profit per order receipt, or 1% of profit upon usual business.
The incentive system of "Hard work to be rewarded"
①Merit bonus       2 times/year        ③Service incenvice 2 times/year
②Sales incentive 4 times/year 
          8 times/year rewarded as maximum

I. The skillful engineers can earn additional salary if they switch from "outsourcing" to "insourcing" by doing facility check-up, etc. by themselves on holiday or after-working hours.

J.The qualification allowance would be provided to the employees designated to get the qualifications specified after entrering the company; JPY10,000/month/ qualification (JPY20,000/month for First-class Architect).
(Non-technical staff: registered real-estate broker, building manager. Technical staff: architect, building management, electrician etc.)



     Koichi Nitta   Takanori Nitta
      President     Chairman 

  Various training sessions are held for the employees' welfare as follows;

Our labor and social security attorney holds the lecture on the pension system and the related problems.
The consultation meeting is held by our legal advisor on inheritance and other troubles(every month).

   Our advisory tax accountant tells us the tax saving measures in the monthly meeting.


Staff members between the ages of  60 and  64

We survived KANREKI, another name for turning 60 years old, the Japanese way of celebrating people at that age. A long time ago the Japanese considered 60 years as on cycle of life.

 1. We still feel young

    2. We have enough energy like the young

    3. Yes, we are still working actively

    4. We are as vigorous as ever

(Recent Comers)

Engineer with US MBA certification (62 years old)

Staff members between the ages of  65 and  69

  We are Team Rokuju, a newly set way for Japanese to celebrate 65 years old people.

     1.    Experiences covers physical decline

     2. Personal life also fulfilled

     3. Leave early, go out for a drink

     4. Happy job, happy wife

An ex-banker with full of sincerity
(66 years old)

Staff members at the age of 70 or older

   We are proud of being at the age of KOKI, the Japanese way of celebrating 70 years of age, meaning only a few people could live as long as 70 years in ancient times.
     1. Mentally 55, physically 60  

     2. Blessed time to travel with family

     3. Money in pocket for the grandkids

     4. Workmates around our age

Specialist of mechanics
(72 years old)




  Pursuing High Quality and Low Cost
Message from Mr. Nitta

Shin-ei Real Estate Business Co. Ltd. has developed the business operations from the building and facility management, after the establishment on the basis of Shin-ei Maintenance Co., Ltd., the subsidiary building management company of Chiyoda Life Insurance. Then Shin-ei Real Estate Business Co., Ltd. has expanded the opearations to property management, leasing management, real estate brokerage so that many customers have extended the support and patronage to us as the nation-wide comprehensive total property management company.

Now we manage various types of building such as office building, commercial building, condominium, hotel, hospital and warehouse, etc. We are confident to meet the needs of property owners by the 6 pillars of our businesses as follows; 

                     1. Property Management                    4. Security Guard Service

                     2. Leasing Management                     5. Real Estate Brokerage

                     3. Building Maintenance                     6. Consulting and Construction 

We aim to make the contribution to wide variety of asset utilization for our clients by the comprehensive strength of our own company.

As we have grown our businesses with foreign-owned companies, we have set up the International Department. We intend to cooperate with business partners overseas in order to meet the demand of our clients developing globally.